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Heel Heel [4] with The Leylines and John D Revelator

Heel Heel [4] with The Leylines and John D Revelator

19 July 2019
Doors Open @ 20:00

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The King Arthur
31-33 Benedict Street

The night before Godney

New alternative night which will fill a gap in Glastonbury.

This will be a night that doesn't drop and will introduce you to some of your favourite and some new alternative acts. A big part of the night will also be the alternative disco which will run between and at the end of the acts, keeping the night continuous.

A great chance for me to bring some of the acts I am excited about to Glastonbury.

This is a special one as a Godney Gathering warm up we have a very special show for you

The Leylines- Having a rest from Godney this year but we didn't want you to miss them. A really popular regular at the festival the Leylines have found a harder edge with their new album Recover Reveal. Still with great music you can relate to and bounce along with the band have a great fan base and will bring a special night into this compact venue. With their new album Recover/ Reveal getting rave reviews this will be a fantastic event.


John D Revelator- Glastonbury based purveyors of lefty folkabilly toetappers and punk protest music. This is music for the downtrodden masses.