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07 September 2019
Doors Open @ 19:30

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The Venue
42 South St

Fabulous new comedy night in the City of Wells premiering new acts and crowd favourites.

Headliner - Louise Leigh

Fresh from premiering her critically acclaimed debut show "Identifiable" at The Edinburgh Fringe 2019, and being voted one of the top 14 shows of the Festival- she's headed to Wells !

In between whizzing about Bristol on her electric bike (“this must be how vegans feel!”) and removing parasites from her family, Louise somehow finds time to to turn in “An impressive performance” [John Hegley] and be “Imaginative, brilliant and ever-so-slightly risque.” [The Scotsman] If not actually “wow”ing judges, she can at least “ooh” them a bit, and has secured places in the

Funny Women Regional Finals (2017) and Stand Up for Cider finals (2016 & 18)

“Charming, funny and has a natural rapport with the audience” Andrew O’Neill.

Opening Act - Alex Kitson


"I am a 21-year-old Bristol based stand-up comedian. I was and continue to be a regular writer-performer for the Bristol Revunions sketch troupe and was part of their five-star Edinburgh 2018 run which was chosen as one of Forge Magazine's picks of the fringe. I've had some success on the Bristol and West Country circuit, including running the now weekly 'This Next Act' night and podcast as well as being Chortle Student Comedy Awards' People's Choice for the Bristol heat. I also got described as 'on the money funny' once, which was nice."

Alex is currently in the 5 star rated "Bristol Revunions presents- Party!" - a sketch show within a sketch show...24 actually, at The Edinburgh Fringe. See details here -


Supporting Acts-

Laura Fell - 'Simply Filthy' , Edinburgh Fringe 2019

'A comedian? Entertainer? Or self-humiliating moron? Even after having sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, Laura Fell’s desperate need to amuse makes her difficult to classify. One thing’s (probs) for sure: there will be unsolicited thrusting.'

‘Fantastic show powered by the sheer force of Laura's personality’ - Nick Byard

‘I cackled my way through this show from start to finish’ - Eva Bindeman

‘I think I may be in love’ - Jonathan

Dani Johns

Dani Johns is a recovering chav and enthusastic Bristolian. When she’s not restraining herself from buying more hoop earrings, she’s working in her proper job with her posh work pals. A working class girl living a middle class life, she’s often found arguing with her new-found friends over the pronounciation of clever words, and arguing with her family about whos turn it is to visit Uncle Jay at the young offenders unit.

Following a drunken new years resoluation, Dani made her comedy debut just a few months ago and is firmly making her mark on the South West comedy scene. She’s part of the ‘Funny Women South West’ group and regualrily frequents pubs in Bristol, sometimes even putting down her cider for a few minutes to tell some jokes.

Connor Cooke - from Bristol Comedy Chest

"A Bristolian who's hardest decision is deciding which plaid shirt to wear"

Frances Jackson -

Shortlisted for the Funny Women 2019 national comedy competition and founding member of Bristol comedy chest.... Frances Jackson navigates and stumbles through the tricky business of life with OCD and anxiety through the medium of humour and a hefty dose of antibacterial wipes. "She's funny and she'll steal your sperm" C Green, 2019

MC Heather Bryson- Banks

( Wells Journal.Radio Shepton. Stand Up to Cider. Bath New Comedy Act. Funny Women South West)