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Popes of Chillitown & Forest of Fools

Popes of Chillitown & Forest of Fools

21 February 2020
Doors Open @ 20:00

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The Jam Jar
Unit 4a, Little Ann Street

Woooah this one's gonna be a proper Ska/Punk/Turbo-Folk kneesup! Scruffy Productions are back with a Hi-Octane lineup to get you skanking! Popes of Chillitown: Impossible to tie down and with enough energy to power a city, their tunes are a rollercoaster through punk, two-tone,hip-hop, reggae, drum & bass, dub, metal and much more. These guys have been rampaging through the UK scene for the last few years like an unstoppable grooving, skanking juggernaut. It's been a long while since their last Bristol show, and we are chuffed to be putting them on! forest of fools: These jump up folk pioneers are also a rare sighting round here. Try to imagine a bonkers Swiss scientist forcefeeding the Hadron collider with a medieval lute festival, and then slamming that into a warehouse rave in the early 2000's at a gazillion mph. That's what their live show is like.... Get your tickets now to avoid disappointment!

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