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Heel Heel [10] with Cosmic Ninja and These Septic Stars

Heel Heel [10] with Cosmic Ninja and These Septic Stars

03 April 2020
Doors Open @ 20:00

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The King Arthur
31-33 Benedict Street

Put this one in the diary Cosmic Ninja never fail to leave an impression with their high-octane mash up of alternative and electronic sounds. They like to shout about politics, equality and all things queer!

Their musical lucky dip and band mantra to rock and rave has proved infectious, with singles ‘Judgment Day’, ‘We Got Up’ and ‘Sympathy’ being featured on BBC Introducing and Fresh on the Net.

Cosmic Ninja offer a visual spectacle that is emphatic, engaging and demanding of your attention. This queer fronted Bristol Trio of Tamsin Cullum, Jonny Angelini and Robin De Wandelaer have brought their explosive party vibes and politically charged tracks to audiences at Godney Gathering, Bristol Pride Festival, Hazy Days, FarmFest, LFest, Warton Music Festival, Farmer Phil’s Festival and many more.

Anthemic sing-alongs, fat metal breakdowns, and full-on rave numbers are all on display in this mélange of energy and enthusiasm.

The band are currently working on their follow up EP, before returning to the live scene in 2020.

For fans of: Enter Shikari, Pendulum, Bring me the Horizon, The Prodigy, PVRIS, Twenty One Pilots.

Here’s what people are saying... “This band is great live and every festival out there should be booking them” The Godney Gathering Festival “They leave their crowds breathless, energised and ready for more.” Glastonbury Festival. “Cosmic Ninja have a real niche sound that is undeniably infectious.” Altcorner Magazine. “These guys are truly a visual spectacle.” Tap The feed Magazine. “Cosmic Ninja is a group once seen you'll never forget.” 365 Magazine.

“Cosmic Ninja prevail and have that touch of brilliance.” Rawramp Magazine

These Septic Stars are an experimental alternative clan of brothers hailing from Southampton, England.

Formed in 2012 the band strives to bring energy and exciting fusions of their own take on alternative sounds and style. This band strays far from the much wandered road of alternative music, Splicing genres with modern twists and a unique blend of electronic, technical, yet funky offerings. Keeping their music aside from the "cookie cutter" sounds that frequent the local scene is not a priority, but something they do very well.

Having played the celebration show for The Joiners triumphant win of 2013's NME Best Small Local Venue, Southampton's 2014/15 Music In The City celebrations, Winning First place at 2013's Oxjam's Battle of the bands and finalists for Jurassic Mark's 2014 Battle of the bands at The Talking Heads has secured them places alongside huge acts such as Ashes To Angels, UGLY LOVE, Cabin Boy Jumped Ship, Buddhist Punkz, Grant Sharkey, Toupe, Saints Of Sin, UKID, Seething Akira, RIVAL STATE, Brother goose, Under The Influence and more.

2015 saw one of their tracks from the second EP 'The Beauty Old Snakes' receive national airplay on BBC Introducing with Melita Dennit, Their first major festival appearance at Butserfest 2015 alongside bands such as The Qemists, Funeral For A Friend, Don Broco, HECK, Hacktivist and many more. 2015 also saw the lads tour the UK twice with partners in crime, live D'n'B power chunkies UK:ID, Expect more rumbling around the country later this year.

WhatCulture.com 'International top 20 unsigned metal bands evryone needs to hear'-

Blending nu metal with rap rock is our number 12 entry, Southampton's These Septic Stars.

The closest to the '90s that this list gets, the band feels like something of a blend between Korn, Limp Bizkit and Faith No More. Easily the greatest takeaways from any These Septic Stars show, song, EP or otherwise are the fast-as-lightning vocal delivery of frontman Savage LoK and the slap-bass style of the four-string maestro, Jonathan "Fishi" Salter.

In fact, going through These Septic Stars' oeuvre, these guys do feel very nu metal-ish. From the nicknames to the on-stage half-casual-half-costumed get-up (as shown by Fishi wearing a mask as he smacks his bass around) to the bass-orientated, hip hop-inspired sound, it feels like the bygone days of Hed PE and Drowning Pool are back in full swing whenever you blast out a little Septic Stars.


Thenationalstudent.com 4 stars review-

Bassist Jonathan Salter’s slapping style of playing is guaranteed to impress audiences, while the band’s vocalist – simply known as ‘Savage LoK’ – delivers an interactive and passionate performance, encouraging the audience to dance and scream along to their visceral music and energetic delivery.

While they may play a style of metal that might turn away hardcore fans, in reflection, These Septic Stars are – like them or not – the most memorable band of the night. The rapping, the heavy, djent-infused riffs of Thomas Moore, the playing and attire of Salter (who for some reason wears a gas mask throughout the entire set), and the manner in which the band interacts with its fans all stick in the brain.


Rock Regeneration.co.uk -

"They were different, but good fun and it’s really nice to see a band whose sound really stands out in a scene containing a lot of copycat, cookie-cutter bands