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Sci-fi Night; Phonseca, Michael Vinyl, Cult 80s Replicant Film

Sci-fi Night; Phonseca, Michael Vinyl, Cult 80s Replicant Film

04 December 2021
Doors Open @ 19:30

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The Dark Horse
172-174 Church Rd,

Flicker Event 2021 presents an evening of science fiction influenced proceedings and asks the question:

What does it mean to be human? Are we edging towards technical singularity? Will all of humanity’s moments be lost in time, like teardrops in the rain?

Film: 1980s cult classic replicant film Live Music: Phonseca

DJ: Michael Vinyl


Check the pub posters for details or register at your email with flickereventsuk@gmail.com to be kept up to date with our popup cinema and live music events or PM us.

Phonseca: Phonseca is the ambient-electronica project from Bristol’s much respected keys-synth player, Matthew O’Connor, who over the years gained vital experience in bands as diverse as Britpop, Pzsche, Shoegaze, House Soundtrack . . . . https://open.spotify.com/track/6Vevlb0FFP1yko39VZKH0d?si=d82c0b82db4b4fdc


Quotes: Steve Lamacq - BBC6Music (UK) “This is a great album, really interesting stuff” Dave Goodwin - PennyBlack Music (UK) “People say that a good album or piece of music is one that you will remember for a long time. This is one of the contenders already for that end of year top ten. Marvellous!” Jason Small - Small Music Scene Blog (UK) “All in all a professionally assembled and beautifully executed album from a man with genuine talent that cannot afford to go amiss” Ray DeSpinlema - This is Chill Blog (USA) “One of the most interesting releases on my radar this year” Rick Anderson - CD Hotlist (USA) “His debut album fascinatingly walks the fuzzy line that separates ambient electronica from synth pop” Sean Gonzalez - New Noise Magazine (USA) “Between a Dream floats into the room with genuine grace. Phonseca utilises ambient drones to swell in and take anxiety out of the room” Benjamin York - Revista the 13th Magazine (ARG) “The album has a magical radiance, there is a whole world of sonorities” HP UK

"His ambient mix of music and technology feed both your classical and your electronic music needs, bending sound waves in unexpected measures."


The Fauns mastermind Michael Savage aka Michael Vinyl and owner of one of the last stand vinyl record shops in Bristol, Prime Cuts, will be playing aptly selected tunes for our soundtrack as we go over the edge of the AI abyss . . . . .

Dress code: An image of LA 2019 from 1982