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Lockdown // Live Stream Fest

Lockdown // Live Stream Fest

04 April 2020
Doors Open @ 18:00

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🦠😷 As events get cancelled and the lockdown has become real, we're aiming to put on a virtual festival like none other!!

📡💦 Expect multiple virtual rooms with different genres and some of your favourite underground DJ's and club nights coming together in one place! Keeping you entertained for a night to remember in your own home!

🎧 Who's involved so far?

Room 1: DnB/Jungle Kelvin 373 Aries Dazee Euphonique Selecta J-Man Pull Up Collective Exposure


Room 2: JFB Jimi Needles Hong Kong Ping Pong Club Asian Hawk Mr Lingo (Funk From The Trunk)


🤔 Why?

Those working in the events industry are going to find it difficult in the next few months, especially those with families. The intention is for this to work as a crowdfund to help some of our favourite full-time producers/DJ's through this tough time. Depending on how much we raise we hope to give at least 50% to the local Bristol NHS charity "Above & Beyond".

The rest is now down to you! The more funds we raise the more DJ's we can add!💙💖

💰 How do I contribute?

We've set up a ticket page via our site to make donations. We're trying to raise £2K. Donations to access the rooms/streams start from just £1+bf...

NOTE: We aren't using a crowdfunding website as they take between 3-5% as well as card fees on top, so more money goes to the cause this way. Anything left over will go to a local homeless charity.

🤔 How will it work?

Links to all the streams will be updated here on this page and via the FB event. The list will be constantly updated just in case streams are taken down and restarted.